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Gallery artists

Artits showing at:

Battersea Art Fair 12-15th March 2020                                                              Battersea Evolution Queenstown Road London SW8 4NW


Please contact us if you would like complimentary tickets to the fair



Joanne finds inspiration in a diversity of places - from the landscape and sea to urban scenes and found objects. Her recent body of work has come from an increasingly intuitive and experimental working practice.Of equal importance to the 'subject' is the tactility of the materials she uses, their physical application and 'mark making' and the picture surface itself, with its rich history of layers and texture that unfold in the course of the     making of a painting.Joanne has exhibited widely throughout the UK, she has work in many private and corporate collections and is a permanent gallery artist with the award winning Porthminster Gallery in St Ives.


Susan’s fine art work is bold and direct in style, and usuallycarries a narrative. Her influences are topical and current. Although her work appears playful and light hearted it is often embedded with a serious, more thoughtful message.While print is her core medium she constantly experiments with different media, and new ways of expression.

She has completed stained glass commissions for schools,museums and domestic settings, illustrated jacket covers and children’s books. She designs and makes silverjewellery and exhibits her paintings and prints extensively.

Susan grew up in South Africa and studied Fine Art at Durban Art School. She left South Africa for postgraduate studies in printmaking in London.She now divides her year between Oxford and Greece.

DYLAN BOWEN www.dylan

Dylan Bowen studied at Camberwell School of Art and has exhibited widely throughout the country and abroad.He is known for transporting traditional British slipware into the new and contemporary, using confident, painterly brush strokes on slab built forms.His highly collectable ceramics is brave and quirky and bridges the gap between functional ceramic and contemporary art.


Beatrice RBSA is based near Oxford. She is currentlycompleting a  life-sized public commission of two figures for a UK hospital 's main entrance.

She aims to achieve simplicity, clarity and abstraction in her sculpture, to extend beyond decorative prettiness, and  hold contradictions and tensions.  She searches for a sense of fullness contrasted with negative shapes; sharp angles between surfaces, juxtaposed with smoothness.

With her abstracted heads particularly, she explores themes on the interface of mythology, psychology and spirituality , human identity and universal experiences.  



Martin is a sculptor who works principally in stone,particularly marbles and various alabasters.

He studied stone carving on courses at art centres in England and Italy and, when sculpture shared equal time with a career in academic editing, he is now a full-time artist.

Most recent work is in a fairly abstract idiom, often inspired by organic forms and natural details, but there has also been a thread of figurative work that he is currently developing in association with a gallery.